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Market Analysis

Bespoke broadband analysis for your needs

Expert Intelligence is able to assist you with bespoke broadband market research projects requiring data collection and research.

Our analyst team has years of experience in the broadband industry and has previously completed a large number of successful research projects for UK-based clients of our parent company Point Topic.


Custom analysis on broadband markets, operators and coverage

We are able to provide tailored market analysis and research covering:

  • Operator Footprints

  • Technology Presence (esp. Fibre versus legacy)

  • Infrastructure Operator Footprints

  • Tariff Data (Cost, Deals, Bundles etc.)

  • Speed Test Data

  • Surveys

Research projects can range from address-level (highly focused) to country-level (general view) and come along with full datasets, mapping, custom analysis and benchmarking as required.

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