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European Broadband Data for Experts

European geographical datasets made accessible by AI and individual expertise

European Broadband Markets

European broadband datasets are now available. Learn more about our pioneer product and contact us for more information.

European Demographic and Geographic Analytics Platform

Learn about our research and the platform we are building.

European Broadband Forecasts

See our forecasts of braodband coverage to 2030.

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We have several unique datasets, source libraries and related real world datapoints available to us, from our own research and licensed from our parent company Point Topic.


We will develop and train AI models to extract data from our own large and unique database of sources.  The AI models in the first instance will be trained on this baseline correlated with real world reporting from Point Topic.


This provides a unique range of datasets as well as a uniquely trained AI that can better understand and model the relationship between source data, real world market data and other datasets that intersect​

Point Topic in Europe

Expert Intelligence's parent company Point Topic has provided high quality broadband datasets in the UK from the 1980s. Their research has contributed a great amount to the European Demographic and Geographic platform that Expert Intelligence is building. Expert Intelligence will continue providing the previously established quality datasets in the European markets. Learn more about Point Topic and UK datasets here.


Our datasets are on Snowflake Marketplace.

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