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European Broadband Forecasts

Regional Broadband Forecasts for Europe to 2030

Where will fixed broadband be in 2030? Based on our time series of 2011 - 2021 broadband data and the European Kilometre Grid (EKG), we provide forecasts of FTTP,  DOCSIS 3.1 (cable) and VHCN availability for Europe to 2030.

Regional Outputs

We offer regional outputs and country-level aggregations of FTTP, DOCSIS 3.1 and VHCN coverage for all years up to 2030. Understand where your market will be by the end of the decade to inform your decision-making and modelling.

Granular and Relevant Inputs

Using our European Kilometre Grid allows allows us to model based on the most accurate demographics possible, right at square-kilometre level. Land use, connectivity indexes and a review of policy implementation allow us to fromulate scenarios based on past performance and current reality, not investment goals or political promises.

Proven Model

Benjamin Gompertz created the Gompertz model in 1825, initally to understand tumor growth and human populations. Two hundred years later, it is used to model the diffusion of technologies of technologies through society. As an asymmetric logistic growth model, it foresees high rates of adoption for a new technology upon attaining mass appeal. However, its pace considerably decelerates once high levels of penetration are reached, representing the tendency of technologies to diffuse at a progressively slower rate within a diminishing segment of society resistant (often due to factors outside their control) to adoption.

The Gompertz model allows Expert Intelligence to project broadband coverage reliably to 2030.



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