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Expert Intelligence Country Profile:

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Overall Fixed Broadband Coverage:

In 2022, 99.9% of households were able to receive fixed broadband coverage in Switzerland.

Gigabit-Capable Broadband Coverage:

In 2022, 86.9% of households were able to receive gigabit-capable broadband coverage in Switzerland.

FTTP Coverage:

In 2022, 43.9% of households were able to receive FTTP coverage in Switzerland.

DOCSIS 3.1 (Cable) Coverage:

In 2022, 75.9% of households were able to receive DOCSIS 3.1 (Cable) coverage in Switzerland.

Broadband Coverage (2022)

High-Speed, FTTP and DOCSIS 3.1 broadband coverage in Switzerland

Regional Coverage

Map of regional high-speed broadband coverage in Switzerland


2030 FTTP coverage broadband forecast for Switzerland

Where does this data come from?

All data presented here is the result of research by Expert Intelligence, our parent company Point Topic, or our data partners. To find out more about our products and services, contact us now.

Why can you trust Expert Intelligence data?

Expert Intelligence, and our parent company Point Topic, have been collecting data on fixed broadband markets in the UK, Europe and globally for more than 25 years. We have worked with institutions including the European Commission, as well as being a data provider to most of top 10 ISPs in the UK.

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