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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Millions of Europeans without affordable Gigabit Broadband by 2030

This is our original press release from July 2023. For individual country maps and sample data please see below.

Models from Expert Intelligence and Point Topic indicate up to thirty million European homes and businesses will depend on mobile and satellite broadband by the end of the decade.

“We have been tracking and mapping European broadband for more than 20 years now and with new legislation on the way we have taken the opportunity to examine what it could mean for the Community and what we expect the future to be for fixed, mobile and satellite broadband,” says Oliver Johnson, CEO of Expert Intelligence and Point Topic.

For broadband and internet access at home most consumers would pick a high-bandwidth fixed line service, if they are given the choice. That choice is not available to all Europeans today and our models confirm it will not be the case by 2030.

Today there are well over 100 million subscribers across Europe on gigabit capable fixed networks, many in towns and cities. We estimate that well over half of those in rural areas are still outside those networks.

For people affected, the options to get internet access are more limited, and will often be via mobile or satellite. Spain, for example, just announced a satellite broadband scheme to help rural communities get connected across the country ahead of their own targets for 2025.

“Hispasat along with companies like SpaceX and OneWeb already have broadband available globally, and the EC is proposing a constellation too with IRIS2 about to get off the ground,” says Johnson.

There are multiple uses for satellite communications across Europe today. From vital links in the chain that brings us TV from around the world to supporting the fighters in Ukraine, emergency services everywhere and providing secure communications for many, particularly when there are no other options.

“Affordability will be the problem that remains. We expect prices to come down but there is a long way to go before satellite services in particular become affordable and Europe is able to claim it has completed the next Digital Decade,” says Johnson.

Additional Data

Our model predicts different levels of VHCN (FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises) and DOCSIS 3.1 (cable) coverage for individual countries. See our graph below for the data or download sample data now.

Sample Data and Country Mapping:

Choose your country from the table below.

For a sample of 2030 data for all European countries, click below:

Sample - Europe
Download XLSX • 57KB


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